*Please note that our menus are dynamic, seasonal, and change frequently. For the most current information, please call us at 704-910-0865. Thank you!*

Lunch Menu

Harvest Soup 8 -
Daily Seasonal Ingredients

Snack Board Single 5  Trio 17  -     
Eggplant. Roasted Vegetable Spread. Farro Tabbouleh. Olives. Chicken Liver Pate. Trout Rillettes 

Cheese Board Single  6 -   Trio   16 - 

Lyonnaise Salad 10 -
Poached Egg. Benton's Bacon. Frisee. Mustard Vinaigrette

 Lentil Salad 11-
Asparagus. Oven-dried Tomato. Spring Onion. Preserved Lemon. Feta. Roast Garlic Vinaigrette

Farmer Salad 10 -
Butternut Squash. Apples. Dates. Goat Cheese. Cider Vinaigrette

Salad Add Ons 
   Scallops 7 -   Shrimp 8 -   Fried Chicken 6 -   Roasted Chicken 8 -

Vegetable Phyllo 10-
Sun-Dried Tomato. Walnut. Feta. Seasonal Greens

Roasted Kale Salad 12-
Sweet Potato. Cranberries. Blue Cheese. Walnuts. Warm Shallot Vinaigrette

Fried Oyster Salad 12-
Winter Greens. Root Vegetables. Benton’s Bacon. Sherry-Mustard Vinaigrette. Shallot Cracker

Trout Salad 14 -
Fried Green Tomatoes. Corn. Cucumber. Radish. Bacon 

Seafood Bouillon 15 -
Mussels. Shrimp. Scallop. Seasonal Vegetables. Spiced Broth. Baguette

Braised Bison 17-
Poached Egg. Benton's Bacon. Mushrooms. Roasted Shallots. Baguette. Frisee

Pork Belly BLT 12 -
Fried Green Tomato. Pimiento Cheese. Herb Aioli. Brioche

Fried Chicken Sandwich 11 -
Buttermilk Blue Aoli. Spicy Relish. Leaf Lettuces. Brioche

Pressed Prosciutto Baguette 14  - 
 Roasted Apricot-Balsamic Jam. Arugula. Goat Cheese

Poultry Junction Chicken 18 -
Grit Rice Risotto. Seasonal Succotash. Parsley

Salmon-Potato Cake 15-
Scottish Salmon. French Horn Mushrooms. Bacon Lardons. Frisee. Bearnaise

Game Sausage 16 -   
Potato Salad. Smoked Gouda. Pickled Banana Peppers. Grain Mustard

Roasted Turkey Sandwich 14 -
Hoop Cheddar. Roasted Poblano-Onion Relish. Avocado. Baguette.

Falafel Wrap 13-
Chopped Romaine. Pickled Peppers. Tatziki. Oven-dried Tomatoes. Alfalfa Sprouts

Roast Kobe 'Eye-round' 16-  Arugula. Mushrooms. Smoked Gouda. Horseradish Cream. Baguette

Daily Grind Burger 15 - 
Gruyere. Crispy Onions. Lettuce. Yellow Tomato. ‘French’ Dressing 15
Add Pork Belly 2 -   Add Fried Egg  2 -

French Omelet  12 -
Spinach. Red Onion. Chevre. Mixed Greens

Shaved Porkloin Sandwich 13 -
Fennel. Tapenade. Pate. Whipped Chevre. Spinach. Baguette

Open-faced Chicken Salad Sandwich 12 -
Pecan Rye. Endive. Quick Pickles. Fried Egg

State law requires us to inform you that some items on our menu may contain raw/uncooked food that may increase your risk of food-borne illness